Welcome to Fab and Roll,
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Our core
Through our Strategy, Branding and Activation work, we create better brands that can do better business. Years of graft on countless projects has honed our instinct, creativity and execution, to deliver brilliant brands that have a huge impact on our client’s businesses.
Projects we can
help you with

Your brand strategy

Need a rebrand? Brand refresh? A completely new brand? We’ve got it covered. Liven will help you channel your company purpose, positioning, proposition and USP – into a powerful brand narrative, that’s impossible to ignore.

Branding to take your business to the next level

We take everything there is to know about your company and your ideal clients, to create a compelling visual identity and brand language – that’s right for your business and loved by your customers.

Launching your brand

Launching your brand
We bring your brand to life for your colleagues and customers, across all relevant media touch points. We make sure there’s some serious brand engagement going on, to leave everyone in no doubt as to who you are and why they should listen up..

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